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We accept....

Clothes School Materials Paper Dry Ration
Saree School Bags Newspaper Pulses
Salwar/Suit Lunch Box Magazines Rise
Trousers Water Bottle One side used paper Spices
Shirts Note Books & Books Old brouchures Sugar
Children's Clothing Drawing Books Newsletters Salt
Kurta Pyjamas Stationery Envelopes Tea Leaves &
Bed Sheets Activeson Engineering UTENSILS (all kinds)
Black Board Drawing Sheets
Slate & Chalks
Old Models
Office Equipment Woolens Toys & Games Furniture
Computer Blanket For setting up activity Tables & Chairs
Laptop Quilts Centers in villages Almirahs
Printer Sweaters & Shawls Sewing Machines Racks
Fax Machine Jackets & Coats Are be used to set up
tailoring centers.
Photocoppier Caps Of all size(left & right tied together)
Typewriter Socks & Gloves

Flex Banner


Parms and baby coat






Suitcase and trunks

Audio and Video tapes

AC and Cooler

Inverter and Generators

Wheel Chairs

Medical Equipment

Pin Boards

Washing Machine

We do not accept....

We don't accept
Damaged or wed → Clothes Material
Used → Undergarments
Broken → School Material
Don't mix flammable items → Match sticks, lighters etc
with material
Ration after expiry → or about to expire
Perisable → Items
Damaged → Travel Bags
Fragile → Crockery
Bulky → Sofas
Shoes without sole

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